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ADA Compatibility

txGradebook adheres to accessibility standards in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Section 508 as follows:

      Alternate text tags are included for images throughout the txGradebook program and online Help, which allow a meaningful description of the image to be displayed when you point the mouse over the image. The alternate text tags also work with assistive technology such as screen readers and text-only browsers.

      Icons used throughout the program to visually indicate properties, status, or other pertinent information can be distinguished by color as well as at least one other characteristic, such as shape, or an alphabetic character on the icon.

      Where grids (i.e., tables) exist, such as in reports, the row and column headers have attributes in the code that work with assistive technology such as screen readers and text-only browsers.

      Where scripting language is used to display content, functional text is included that works with assistive technology such as screen readers and text-only browsers.

      A “skip to main content” link allows users of assistive technology to bypass the menus as needed.

      All pages and functions can be accessed using only the keyboard.

      Dates can be entered and validated using only the keyboard.

      Input fields and other input elements are highlighted yellow to convey the focus.

      Default button settings are not used in order to support the use of the ENTER key for clicking links.


On many pages throughout txGradebook, the data retrieval criteria fields (such as the Semester, Cycle, and Course Section fields at the top of the page) will cause the page to reload automatically.

In some cases, the page will reload after the first time you click Retrieve. The first time you set these fields, you must click Retrieve to load data on the page. After you click Retrieve, the data will reset any time you change one of the data retrieval criteria fields.

Known Accessibility Issues

      Settings > Administer Categories

In the Firefox browser, JAWS reads the Alt text for buttons, which allow adding a category to a course section twice.

      Grades > Assignment Grades (Standards-Based/Skills-Referenced)

In the Safari browser, the VoiceOver application does not tab out of the URL.

Workaround:  When VO navigation stops, VO just says “HTML Content,” press VO-U to enter the VoiceOver Rotator feature where user can then select from lists of Headers, Links, Forms, Images, Tables, etc. that are present on the page allowing user to select with arrow keys (VO reads each item as one arrows through list) the desired item. ENTER takes user to desired item.

      Online Help

      Auto-generated page elements from RoboHelp do not allow including Alt text to images at this time.

      Deprecated tags will not be changed at this time.

      Admin > Elementary Skills-Based Report Card Setup Step 1

A navigability problem exists in the Grading Type Description text edit form.


i) For JAWS, users enter its list of Virtual HTML Features by pressing INSERT-F3. This is a list of lists: headers, links, forms, buttons, tables, etc. To access the 3 text embellishment “buttons” of Bold, Italics, Underline and the 2 bullet-list options, these 5 are listed under the Graphics List of JAWS Virtual HTML Features. (One can get to the graphics list directly with the JAWS keying of INSERT-CONTROL-G).

ii) To access the combo boxes of Font, Size, and Color, use the same procedure as in “i” above using Virtual HTML Features or directly from the Combo Boxes List (INSERT-CONTROL-C).

      Attendance > Attendance Roster
Settings >
Seating Chart Setup
Reports > Seating Chart report

A problem exists with period combo box navigability.


i) TAB to the Semester: combo box that is the immediate link before Period:

ii) TAB to the Period combo box (however; JAWS does not read "Period." It says nothing.)

iii) TABBing then will navigate the drop-down list of the items for the Period (JAWS reading each entry as you TAB.)

iv) Press ENTER on selection of Period item desired.

      Track Calendar

Workaround: A text box is provided for the entry of a date. All entries are validated upon the changing of that text boxes value. The date pop-up box is not needed for entry and provided strictly as a convenience.