Copy Skills-Based Grades

Admin > Elementary Report Cards > Copy Skills-Based Report Card Grades

The Copy Skills-Based Grades page is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level security administrator user ID. The page allows administrative users to copy skills-based grades from one cycle to the next, as long as grades do not already exist for the next cycle. This allows skills that have already been accomplished to appear on IPRs and report cards for subsequent cycles, giving parents an overall view of the student's progress for the year to date.

This option is only available for elementary campuses. District-level users must select a campus; campus-level administrators can only copy for the campus you are logged on to. Copying grades occurs for all teachers at the campus.


      The next-cycle grade fields on Grades > Assignment Grades page will be populated with the copied grades.

      Copying grades should occur at the end of each cycle, after all grades have been entered for the current cycle, but before any grades are entered for the next cycle.

Copy grades:

1.        For each semester and cycle of the school year, a summary is displayed indicating the number of courses that have grades, and the options available for copying grades from one cycle to the next.

      If grades already exist for the semester-cycle, the message "Courses Already Have Grades This Cycle" is displayed, and the option to copy is not available for that semester-cycle.

      If grades do not exist for the semester and cycle, a button is displayed allowing you to copy grades from the previous semester-cycle.

Note:  You cannot copy any data to semester1 cycle 1. The message" No Previous Data to Copy From" is displayed, and the option to copy is not available.

2.        To copy grades from one cycle to the next, click the appropriate button. For example, to copy grades from semester 1 cycle 1 to semester 1 cycle 2, click the Copy Grades from Semester 1 Cycle 1 button, which appears under Semester 1 Cycle 2 Summary. A message is displayed indicating that grades were copied from semester 1 cycle 1 to semester 1 cycle 2.

3.        At the end of the next cycle, repeat the steps.