IPR Comments

Grades > IPR Comments

The IPR Comments page allows you to enter IPR comments and notes that will be displayed on the printed IPRs.

      IPR comments are codes for preset descriptions that apply to all course sections for the student.

      IPR notes are free-text notes that apply only to the student for the selected course section.

      For TxEIS districts, these comments appear on the IPR that is generated from the Interim Progress Report from Grade Book (SGR1160) report.

Update data:

1.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section or group for which you want to enter IPR comments and notes. The students in the course section are displayed.

Students are sorted by last name, unless you have specified a custom sort order on the Arrange Student Order page.

2.        The Student ID field displays the student's ID. Click the student ID to view the student's profile.

3.        The Name field displays the name of the student in the course.

4.        The Average field displays the student's working cycle average. For more information on calculating averages, view the Help for Weighting Type on the Administer Categories page.

5.        In the IPR Comments field, you can enter up to five one-character comment codes to specify the comments you want to print on the IPR (e.g., Excessive Talking).

      For a list of valid IPR comment codes and descriptions, click Show Comment Legend. The comment legend is displayed on the right side of the page allowing you to view valid codes. These codes are created in the Student system.

(TxEIS only) If a description exists in Spanish, the Spanish description is displayed below the English description. If the student's report card is generated in Spanish, and a Spanish comment exists, the Spanish comment is printed on the report card. If a Spanish comment does not exist, the English comment is printed on the report card. These codes and descriptions are maintained on the Rpt Card Comments tab in the Grade Reporting application.

      To hide the comment legend, click Hide Comment Legend.

6.        In the Note field, click empty note icon to enter notes about the student that will appear on the printed IPR. Click Ok to save the note, or click Clear to clear the note. If a note is entered for the student, the Note icon yellow icon is displayed.


Your comments and notes are not actually saved until you type your PIN, and click Save or press ENTER to save all data on the page. When you click Ok, it only saves your notes until you save all data on the page.

7.        The columns can be sorted according to your preferences.

8.        To clear all comments for all students displayed, click Clear All Comments.


Your comments are not actually cleared until you enter your PIN and click Save to save all data on this page.

Save data and print IPRs:

1.        When you are satisfied with the IPR comments and notes you have entered, you must save the data.

      In the PIN field, type your four-digit PIN. The field is disabled for inquiry-only users.

      Click Save or press Enter.

o      If your changes were saved successfully, the page reloads, and a message is displayed indicating that the IPR data was saved successfully.

o      If you typed your PIN incorrectly, the system notifies you that you provided an invalid PIN. You must provide the correct PIN before you can continue.

      If you change any data on the page and then attempt to leave the page without saving the changes, a warning message is displayed. This includes attempting to change the Course Section field before you save changes.

o      Click Continue to leave the page without saving your changes.

o      Click Cancel to return to the page and save your changes.

2.        To print IPRs for the selected students, click Grades on the main menu, and then select Print IPR. Follow the instructions provided in the Help for the page.