Student Group Manager

Settings > Student Group Manager

The Student Group Manager page allows you to create and maintain groups of students for reporting purposes. The student groups can be campus-wide and are not limited to a particular course section. Special group reports are available to provide data for the student groups.

      Teachers can be given access in the Student system to create student groups as follows:

      No access (you cannot create student groups). If you do not have access, the Student Group Manager page is not listed in the menu.

      Course-wide access (you can create student groups that include only students enrolled in your courses).

      Campus-wide access (you can create student groups that include any students at the campus). If you do not have this access, an administrative user (impersonating the teacher) can create groups for you. Groups can only be created for teachers who have a txGradebook account.

      Users can run group reports for their own groups, regardless of who created the group.

      Inquiry-only users cannot delete a group.

Set up groups:

1.        The Student Group Manager page is displayed allowing you to create and maintain student groups.

      Under Group Manager, your existing groups are displayed.

      Under Group Reports, the available student group reports are listed; they are linked to the reports in the Reports menu under Student Group Reports. Some of the group reports mirror other reports available in the Reports menu.

2.        To add a new group, type the group name in the text box under the Group Manager list, and then click Add Group. The group is listed in the Group Manager list with a student count of 0.

You cannot add a group name that already exists in the list.

3.        To add or delete students in the group, click spyglass. The Manage My GroupName Group page is displayed, where GroupName is the name given to the group.

4.        To delete a group, click X delete button. A message is displayed asking you to confirm that you want to delete the group. Click OK to continue.

5.        To copy a teacher's student groups to another teacher, click Copy groups to another teacher. The Copy Student Groups page is displayed.

The Copy groups to another teacher link is only displayed for administrative users.

6.        Under Group Reports, click one of the following report titles to run the report for a student group:

      The Group Admin Student Grades page allows you to run the Admin Student Grades report for a student group.

      The Attendance Summary report generates a summary report of student attendance for a specified student group.

      The Group UIL report provides a list of students' working cycle averages for all of their courses, which allows you to determine UIL eligibility and locate students who may be at risk of losing eligibility. The report is similar to the UIL report; however, you can produce the report for a specified student group.