The Settings page provides a list of pages associated with setup options that are available in txGradebook. The page is accessed by clicking Settings on the main menu.

Perform one of the following:

      Click Update Profile to view and/or update your registration information, including your password, PIN, and hint questions.

Note:  If you logged on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level security administrative user ID, click Update Admin Profile.

      Click Administer Categories to enter categories that describe the types of assignments you will use in the selected cycle/course.

      Click Administer Assignments to enter course assignments for your active courses.

      Click Arrange Student Order to determine the order in which students are listed on the Assignment Grades, Cycle Grades, IPR Comments, and Print IPR pages, the Assignment Grades Report, and the Class Roster Report. You must be logged on as a teacher to use this page. The page is not displayed for administrative users.

      Click Administer Courses to enter course-wide information.

      Click Course Grouping to group your courses by semester. This allows you to enter grades, administer categories and assignments, and copy categories and assignments for multiple sections at the same time, without having to switch from section to section.

      (TxEIS only) Click Rubric Setup to set up rubric charts that can be used for grading an assignment with a rubric chart.

      Click Seating Chart Setup to set up seating charts for your classes.

      Click Student Group Manager to create and maintain groups of students for reporting purposes.