Notes for Mobile Device Users

txGradebook is compatible with Apple mobile devices (i.e., iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone). When using txGradebook on an Apple mobile device, some functionality works differently.

      The independent scroll bars used on the Assignment Grades page are not available on mobile devices. You must use the page scroll bars if the data in the assignment grades table exceeds one screen.

      The drag-and-drop functionality is not available for mobile devices.

      On the Administer Categories page, you can click a category under Available Categories to send it to the Selected Categories list.

      On the Seating Chart Setup and Arrange Student Order pages, the drag-and-drop functionality does not work on a mobile device, and you can only perform the function on a PC.

      On the Administer Categories page, if the list of categories under Available Categories exceeds one screen, you can view the additional categories by using two fingers to scroll through the category list.

      For txGradebook reports to be viewed on a mobile device using Safari, the pop-up blocker must be turned off.

      If you leave a txGradebook page by closing the browser or selecting another page from the menu, and you have not saved your changes, the mobile device does not display a warning message indicating that you have not saved your changes before leaving the page. Ensure that you have saved all changes before leaving a page.