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The Admin Elementary Skills-Based Courses page is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level security administrator user ID. The page allows you to associate a course (and all of its sections) with a specific elementary skills-based report card. The settings for the report card determine how grading is handled for the course.


If a section is added to a course after the course is selected for elementary skills-based grading, the new section will not have elementary skills-based grading associated with it.

Associate a course with a report card:

1.        The Admin Elementary Skills-Based Courses page allows you to associate a course with a report card type. Only courses that are eligible to be set up to use elementary skills-based grading report cards are listed.


Courses that are being used as category- or standards-based/skill-referenced courses (e.g., a category-based course that has one or more categories assigned) are not displayed, because they are no longer eligible to be used as an elementary skills-based course.

2.        To narrow the list of courses, type all or part of a course name in the Course Name field, and then click Search. The list is filtered according to the data you entered.

3.        In the Report Card Type field for each course, click drop-down arrow to select the report card type for the course.

4.        Click Save.

If your changes were saved successfully, a message is displayed indicating that the courses were saved successfully.