Elementary Skills-Based Assignment Grades

Grades > Assignment Grades

The skills-based Assignment Grades page is displayed if you select a course section that is using elementary skills-based grading. The page is automatically displayed instead of the regular Assignment Grades page. The page allows you to view and enter skills-based grades for elementary students by semester, cycle, and course section. You enter grade values based on the settings for the report card associated with the course. Instead of assignments, you have skills associated with skillsets.

NOTE:  For elementary skills-based courses, if an administrator has copied skills-based grades from one cycle to the next, the grades field for the next cycle will automatically be populated with this data.

Enter scores:

1.        The Semester field displays the current semester by default. Click drop-down arrow to view another semester.

2.        The Cycle field displays the current cycle by default. Click drop-down arrow to view another cycle.

3.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to enter scores. If the course section is set up to use skills-based grading, the skills-based Assignment Grades page is displayed. Otherwise, the regular Assignment Grades page is displayed.

Note:  If you marked the course as ready to post on the Cycle Grades page, the message "[Ready]" is displayed in the Course Section drop-down list next to the course.

4.        Click Retrieve Data.

Note:  You only need to click Retrieve Data the first time you retrieve a course section. After the first time, the student list automatically reloads when you change the Semester, Cycle, or Course Section field.

      The students are displayed according to your selections in the previous steps.

      If you change between a skills-based course section and a nonskills-based course section, the appropriate page loads.

      Students are sorted by last name, unless you have specified a custom sort order on the Arrange Student Order page.

5.        In the Skill Set field, click drop-down arrow to select All Skill Sets to view all skill sets associated with the course. Or, select a skill set to view data for only one skillset.

6.        In the Skill field, click drop-down arrow to select All Skills to view all skills associated with the selected skill set. Or, select a skill to view data for only one skill.

If you filter by a skill, the following applies:

      If a skill set has multiple associated skills, only the selected skill is displayed under the skill set heading.

      If a skill set is not associated with the selected skill, the skill set is not displayed in the table.

7.        In the Student field, click drop-down arrow to select the student for whom you want to enter grades. You can select one student or all students.

8.        The grades table displays all students currently enrolled in the course section and the skill sets and skills, according to your selections. Enter the grades in the fields provided.

      To temporarily hide the menu and selection options in order to see more students on the page, click Hide Menu. The logo, menu, and selection options disappear from the page. To make the information visible again, click Show Menu.

      If you move the cursor over a skill in the grade table heading, the skill description and any notes entered by an administrator are displayed.

      The Grade Types field indicates the grading type set up for the report card that has been associated with the course. If you move the cursor over the field, a description of the grading type is displayed if it has been set up by an administrator.

      By default, the page displays only the first two skill sets. Click drop-down arrow in the Skill Sets per Page field to change the number of skill sets displayed.

      If there are more skills than can be displayed on the page, click << Previous and Next >> to view the other skills.

      By default, the grade table has its own scroll bars that work independently of the page. As data is added to the table, you may need to use the scroll bars to view the entire table. The independent scroll bars are displayed or not displayed according to your setting for the Use Independent Scroll Bars on Assignment Grades field on the Update Profile page. If the field is selected, the table will have vertical and horizontal scroll bars that are independent of the page scroll bars. Otherwise, the table will not have independent scroll bars, and you must use the page scroll bars if the data exceeds one screen.

Note:  The independent scroll bars are not available on mobile devices.

      You can use the following keys to navigate the fields:

o      Press ENTER after you enter each grade to move down the list to the next student. You can press SHIFT+ENTER to move up the list. You can also press the up and down arrow keys to move up and down the list.

o      Press TAB to move across the list to the next skill. You can press SHIFT+TAB to move back to the left.

      The Student ID field displays the student's ID. You can click the student ID to view the student's profile.

      The Student Name field displays the student's name.

o      The Star of Life icon Star of Life icon is displayed for any student who has medical circumstances you should be aware of. To view details, click Star of Life icon or the student ID. The student's profile page opens and displays relevant data in the Medical Alerts section.

o      Withdrawn students are not automatically displayed. To see withdrawn students in the list, select Show withdrawn. Withdrawn students are displayed in a blue row, and the message "Withdrawn" and the withdrawal date are displayed by the student's name. The withdrawal date may be the student's withdrawal date from school or his withdrawal date from the class.

o      To hide withdrawn students, clear the Show withdrawn field.

o      No Show students are not displayed.

      Dropped grades are italicized.

      To mass enter a skill grade for all students, use the Fill button at the bottom of each skill column.

o      To mass replace blank grades with a value, type the grade in the field, and then click Fill. All blank grades for the skill are changed to the entered grade.

o      To change all grades to blanks, delete any data from the field, and then click Fill. All grades for the skill are changed to blank.

9.        The columns can be sorted according to your preferences.

10.    Before you leave the page, you must save the data.

Note:  Be aware that you may have changed data that is not currently displayed on the page. All changes are saved, including those that are not visible on the page. For example, if you are currently viewing grades for one student, but you previously entered grades for other students, the grades for all students are saved, regardless of what is displayed on the page at the time you save the data.

      In the PIN field, type your four-digit PIN. The field is disabled for inquiry-only users.

      Click Save Grades.

o      If your changes were saved successfully, the page reloads, and a message is displayed indicating that the grades were saved successfully.

o      If you typed your PIN incorrectly, the system notifies you that you provided an invalid PIN. You must provide the correct PIN to continue.

      If you change any data on the page and then attempt to leave this page without saving the changes, a warning message is displayed. This includes attempting to change the Semester, Cycle, or Course Section fields before you save changes.

o      Click Continue to leave this page without saving your changes.

o      Click Cancel to return to the page and save your changes.