Print Elementary Report Cards

Grades > Elementary Report Cards > Print Elementary Report Card

The Print Elementary Report Cards page allows you to select the elementary students for whom you want to print report cards. The report cards display data as set up on the Admin Skills-Based Report Card Setup pages.


·       Report cards are designed to print with the parent/guardian address positioned so that it appears in the window of a standard envelope if the paper is folded into thirds.

·       These report cards can also be used as interim progress reports if needed. You can change the heading from "Report Card" to "Interim Progress Report" by selecting Print Elementary Report Card as an IPR.

Note that the Admin > Print Elementary Report Cards for Campus page, which is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level security administrator user ID, allows administrative users to print all elementary report cards for a particular report card type.

Please note that background colors may not automatically print, depending on your browser settings. For more information, click here.

Select students:

1.        In the Semester field, click drop-down arrow to select the semester for which you want to print report cards.

2.        In the Cycle field, click drop-down arrow to select the cycle for which you want to print report cards.

3.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to print report cards. All students currently enrolled in the course section are displayed.

      Students are sorted by last name, unless you have specified a custom sort order on the Arrange Student Order page.

      If you marked the course as ready to post on the Cycle Grades page, the message "[Ready]" is displayed in the Course Section drop-down list next to the course.

4.        The Student ID field displays the student's ID. Click the student ID to view the student's profile.

5.        The Name field displays the name of the student in the course.

6.        Select Print Elementary Report Card as an IPR if you are printing the report card(s) to be used as an interim progress report. If selected, the heading "Interim Progress Report" will appear at the top of the report instead of "Report Card." Ensure that this field is not selected if you are producing actual report cards.

7.        By default, withdrawn students are not displayed. To display withdrawn students, select Show withdrawn. To hide withdrawn students, clear Show withdrawn. A withdrawn student has the message "withdrawn" and the withdrawal date displayed by his name. The withdrawal date may be the student's withdrawal date from school or his withdrawal date from the class.

8.        Select This Class if you want to print a report card for the student for the selected course section. To select this option for all students in the selected course section, select Check all.

9.        The columns can be sorted according to your preferences.

10.    In the optional Report Card Note field, you can enter a note that will be displayed on all report cards selected for printing. The field is optional. If entered, it will appear on the report card above the Teacher Notes section

11.    Select Print a Blank Page Between Students to insert a blank page between each student. It is recommended that you select this option if the report card has an odd number of pages and is being printed double sided.

12.    Click Print selected student report cards. The report cards are displayed on the Elementary Report Cards page where you can view the report cards before printing them.