Assignment Grades Report Selection

Reports > Assignment Grades

The Assignment Grades Report Selection page allows you to produce a report showing assignment grades for all students in a course according to options entered on this page. The overall assignment average and class average are also displayed.

Produce a report:

1.        The Assignment Grades Report Selection page is displayed allowing you to enter options for generating the report.

2.        The Semester field displays the current semester by default. Click drop-down arrow to select another semester for which you want to print the report.

3.        The Cycle field displays the current cycle by default. Click drop-down arrow to select another cycle for which you want to print the report.

4.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to print the report. Or, select All to produce the report for all of your course sections.

5.        Under Viewing Options, make the following selections:

      If you want the student names to be displayed on the report, select View Student Names. Otherwise, the names are not printed on the report, and students can only be identified by their student IDs. The student ID is always displayed on the report.

      Withdrawn students are not automatically displayed. To see withdrawn students, select View Withdrawn Students. For withdrawn students, the message "W/D" and the withdrawal date or "Dropped" are displayed by the student's name. The withdrawal date may be the student's withdrawal date from school or his withdrawal date from the class.

6.        Under Sorting Options, select Student Name, Student ID, or Cycle Average to indicate how you want to sort the report.

If the Student Order field on the Update Profile page is set to add new students to the top of the list or bottom of the list, the Custom Student Order option is displayed.

      Select Custom Student Order to sort the report in your custom sort order.

      If you have not specified a custom sort order for a particular class, the students are sorted by name.

7.        To produce the report, click Generate. The report opens in a new window, and you can print the report from that window.

      The report selection page remains open on your desktop.

      View the Assignment Grades Report Help page for information about the report.