Class Roster Report Selection

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The Class Roster report produces a blank class roster by semester and course. The report provides a list of students enrolled in the course and up to 50 blank columns. You can choose the sort order and whether to include the student’s birthdate and contact information on the report. The report can be exported in CSV format.


·       If the report is exported in CSV format, the birth date information is exported; however, the contact information is not exported.

·       If you print the report for a course group, the Course Section column is included in the report allowing you to identify the course section in which the student is enrolled.

Produce a report:

1.        The Class Roster Report Selection page is displayed allowing you to enter options for generating the report.

2.        The Semester field displays the current semester by default. Click drop-down arrow to select another semester for which you want to print the report.

3.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section or group for which you want to print the report.

4.        In the Columns field, type the number of blank columns to display on the report. You can specify up to 50 columns.

5.        Under Display Options, you can choose to include the following information on the report:

      Select Birthday to include the student's birth date. The Birthday column will be included in the report.

      Select Student Email to include the student’s e-mail address on the report, if it exists in the Student system (i.e., in TxEIS Registration in the E-mail field on Maintenance Student Enrollment > Demo1 , or in iTCCS Registration in the Student E-mail field on Demographic Information (1) WST1106).

      Select Contact Information to include the student's contact information. The Contact Information columns will be included in the report.

o      The contact's name, relationship, cell phone, home phone, business phone, other phone, mailing address, and e-mail address are listed.

o      All of the student's contacts are listed.

o      The contact information cannot be exported to a .csv file.

      (iTCCS only) Select Guardian Last Viewed IPR/Report Card Date to include the date on which a parent/guardian last viewed the student's interim progress report or report card online. This is not available for TxEIS districts.

6.        Under Sorting Options, indicate the order in which you want to sort the data in the report:

      You can sort by student name (last name), student ID, course section (for course groups), birth date (if selected), or custom student order.

      Custom student order is the order specified for the course section on the Settings > Arrange Student Order page.

7.        To produce the report, click Generate. The report opens in a new window, and you can print the report from that window.

      The report selection page remains open on your desktop.

      View the Class Roster Report Help page for information about the report.