View Courses Marked Ready to Post

Administrator Options

The View Courses Marked Ready to Post page is only available to users who log on to txGradebook with a district- or campus-level security administrative user ID. It allows you to view and print a report of courses marked as ready to post for the cycle from the Administrator Options page. The page can only be accessed through the Administrator Options page after all courses are marked as ready to post. The View Courses Marked Ready to Post button is displayed.

The report heading includes the campus ID, semester, cycle, and date the report was generated. All courses/sections/periods ready to post are listed by teacher.

Print the report:

1.        From the Administrator Options page, click View Courses Marked Ready to Post. The report opens in a new window.

2.        To print the report displayed on the page, click Print. The Print dialog box opens allowing you to select your printer and settings. Click Print to continue, or click Cancel to cancel printing.

3.        To close the report, click Close Window in the report window. The Administrator Options page remains open on your desktop.