Arrange Student Order

Settings > Arrange Student Order

The Arrange Student Order page allows you to determine the order in which students are listed on the following pages:

      Grades >  Assignment Grades

      Grades > Cycle Grades

      Grades > IPR Comments

      Grades > Print IPR

      Reports > Assignment Grades (listed as a sorting option)

      Reports > Class Roster

You must be logged on as a teacher to use this page. The page is not displayed for administrative users.


Before using this page, you must set a preference for new students in the Student Order field on the Update Profile page. The field must be set to add students to the top of the list or bottom of the list. Otherwise, the order established on this page is not utilized on the other pages throughout txGradebook.

Arrange the students:

1.        In the Semester field, click drop-down arrow to select the semester of the course section for which you want to arrange students.

2.        In the Course Section field, click drop-down arrow to select the course section for which you want to arrange students.

3.        Click Retrieve Data. All students in the selected course section are listed.

      If you have not previously arranged students in this course section, the students are listed in alphabetical order.

      If you have previously arranged the students, the students are listed in the last saved order.

      Withdrawn and dropped students are included in the list.

      To the right of the student list, a message indicates your current setting on the Update Profile page regarding the placement of new students. A link to the page is provided, allowing you to easily change your setting.

4.        You can rearrange students using drag-and-drop. Click and hold the student ID, and drag the student to the new position.

You can click the student ID to view the student's profile.

5.        To save the student order, in the PIN field, type your four-digit PIN and click Save Arrangement.

      If your changes were saved successfully, the page reloads, and a message is displayed indicating that the student list order was saved.

      If you typed your PIN incorrectly, the system notifies you that you provided an invalid PIN. You must provide the correct PIN to continue.

      If you change any data on the page and then attempt to leave this page without saving the changes, a warning message is displayed.

Click Continue to leave this page without saving your changes. Or, click Cancel to return to the page and save your changes.