Copy Assignments

Settings > Administer Assignments

Once you establish assignments for a course on the Administer Assignments page, you can copy the assignments to other course sections. This page is only accessible from the Administer Assignments page.

Copy assignments:

1.        On the Administer Assignments page, use the Semester, Cycle, and Course Section fields to select the course section from which you want to copy assignments.

The assignments for the course section are displayed.

2.        Click Copy assignments to another course section/cycle. The Copy Assignments page is displayed.

      The From course field displays the course, semester, and cycle displayed on the previous page. This is the course from which you are copying categories.

      Under Assignments to copy, all assignments for the selected course are displayed. You can select specific assignments, or you can select Check all Assignments to select all assignments.

      Under Course Sections to which to copy, all course sections for all cycles are displayed. You can select specific course sections, or you can select the box at the top of the cycle column to select all course sections for the cycle.

Closed cycles are grayed out and cannot be selected.

      In the PIN field, type your four-digit PIN. The field is disabled for inquiry-only users.

      Click Copy to copy the assignments.

3.        If the assignments were successfully copied, the page reloads, and a list of assignments and the courses to which the assignments were copied is displayed. The changes are saved to the database.

      If you are copying assignments for the current semester/cycle, the entire assignment record is copied, including the assignment date and due date.

      If you are copying assignments to a future semester/cycle, the assignment record is copied without the assignment date and due date.

4.        To return to the Administer Assignments page, click Back to Assignments.