Student Profile

The Student Profile information pages display demographic and course-related data for the student selected, including contact information, attendance record, class schedule, TAKS score data, and photo. The Student Profile pages are not available through the menus. You must access the Student Profile pages by clicking a student's ID on the Attendance, Seating Chart Setup, Assignment Grades, Cycle Grades, or IPR Selection pages.

The Student Profile always displays the Contact Information page by default. To view another section of the student's profile, click the link on the left side of the page for the section you want to view.

View data:

Student Information

The Student Information data is displayed at the top of all Student Profile pages. The data displayed includes the student ID, name, birth date, Texas unique ID, grade level, entry date, withdrawal date, control number (if available), and sex. The student's physical address, mailing address, and phone number are displayed. Special program and generic program participation may also be displayed.

Medical Alerts

The medical alerts section is displayed for any student who has medical circumstances you should be aware of. This information can be accessed by clicking the Star of Life icon Star of Life or the student ID for the student on the Attendance > Post/View Attendance page or the Grades > Assignment Grades page.

      The Medical Alert 1 and/or Medical Alert 2 fields display medical alert information entered by the school nurse in the TxEIS Health application. This data is only displayed if the Consent to Display Alert field is selected in the TxEIS Health application.

      The Action/Intervention field displays any necessary actions or interventions a staff member may need to take on the student’s behalf.

Contact Information

The Contact Information page displays contact information for a list of people who may be contacted in case of an emergency.

      The data displayed for each contact includes the name, relationship to the student, cell phone number (if available), home phone number, business phone number (if available), other phone number (if available), and address.

      (TxEIS only) The Priority column indicates the priority order of the contacts as established in the TxEIS Registration application on the Contact tab.

      (TxEIS only) If the contact is designated as the person to receive mailouts for the student, the message "receive mailouts" is displayed below the contact's name.

      (TxEIS only) If the phone number has been designated as the preferred number for the contact, an asterisk is displayed next to the phone number, and the phone number is displayed in a bold font.

      (iTCCS only) If the student has a parent/guardian 3 listed, and this contact should be included in correspondence (i.e., the Include in Correspondence field is selected in iTCCS on Demographic Parent Guardian WST1125), the message "(include in correspondence)" is displayed below the contact's name. This is not displayed for parents/guardians 1, 2, and 4.

      The RtT (right to transport) column indicates if the contact person has the right to transport the student from school. If the contact has permission to transport the student, the vehicle icon vehicle icon is displayed in the column. The icon is not displayed if the contact does not have permission to transport the student.

(TxEIS only) Click the vehicle icon vehicle icon to view information about the contact's vehicle. A dialog box opens that displays the following information:

      Contact's name

      Vehicle make, model, and color

      Vehicle license plate number

Click x close button to close the dialog box.


For iTCCS districts, the vehicle icon is displayed but cannot be clicked.

      If an e-mail address exists for the contact, you can click the contact's name to send an e-mail message to the contact. When you click the address, your default e-mail client (as specified in your Internet Options settings) opens with the contact's address in the To field.

If you use web-based email (e.g., Gmail or Yahoo! Mail), you can copy the email address from the default email client to a web-based email message.

Print data:

1.        Select the Student Profile information page you want to print from the list on the left side of the page.

2.        Click Print. The Print dialog box opens allowing you to select a printer and set options. If your printer and options are correctly specified, click Print. The Print dialog box closes.

Each Student Profile information page must be printed separately. To print another page, repeat the previous steps.

To close the Student Profile page, click Close Window.